It is one thing to gather data.  It is quite another to turn that data into insights.  Having data isn’t enough.  Everyone has data.  Insight into what the data means and what you should do about it, is what is needed.

Data is like coffee beans: it is the stuff that a good cup of insight is made of. The better the data, the better the “coffee.” But beans alone don’t make good coffee. They must be roasted, ground and brewed just right to bring out the flavor. So it is with data. It takes work to bring insights out of the data beans. That’s where Magee Insights comes in…roasting, grinding and brewing the data to provide you with insights, insights you can use every morning in your business.

Marketing Consulting

The marketing consulting process begins with a meeting and a questionnaire.

Then it moves to:

  • Analysis of digital and other marketing efforts.
  • Recommendations for next steps.
  • Action plan development.
  • Training your team.

Contact me for an introductory scoping discussion